Grandparents Overestimating Gas Safety

Gas Heating Swindon Grandparents

Grandmas and grandpas, the seasoned sages of our families, are often our go-to babysitters, but new research from Gas Safe Register suggests they might not be as gas-savvy as they think. According to their latest findings, a whopping 87% of grandparents feel a heightened responsibility for home safety when looking after their grandchildren. However, despite nearly half of them claiming to be more knowledgeable about safety than their own kids, only 16% could correctly identify all seven warning signs of gas appliance issues. With a staggering 86% of UK grandparents providing childcare during the week, this oversight could potentially put 12 million grandchildren at risk of gas-related dangers like carbon monoxide poisoning or even explosions.

To address this issue, Gas Safe Register has teamed up with the legendary DJ and proud grandfather Tony Blackburn to launch a new campaign aimed at educating grandparents and families about gas safety. Tony emphasizes the importance of staying informed about potential dangers, even for those who think they know it all. He advises, “Get clued-up on what the signs and symptoms of unsafe gas appliances can be. It could not only save your life but those of your grandchildren and loved ones.”

As childcare costs soar, grandparents are increasingly relied upon to help out, saving their adult children around £6.8 billion nationally in childcare expenses. Alongside childcare, they also generously contribute to their grandchildren’s needs, spending a staggering £2 billion a month on everything from books to video games.

Rob Denman, Head of Professional and Field Services at Gas Safe Register, stresses the importance of recognizing warning signs such as lazy yellow flames on gas hobs, fault codes on boilers, or sooty staining on appliances. He urges grandparents and families to get educated on gas safety and have their appliances checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer, emphasizing that it’s better to be gas safe than sorry.

So, while grandparents may excel at spoiling their grandchildren with love and treats, it’s essential to ensure their homes are safe havens. By staying informed and taking necessary precautions, we can protect our loved ones and enjoy peace of mind knowing that our homes are gas safe.

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